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Aisha Razzak-9/29/22

Finance Society was delighted to have the opportunity of hosting a virtual meeting with Aisha Razzak on September 29, 2022. Ms. Razzak is currently DEI specialist at Onbe which is a fintech company that specializes in digital payments and customized physical cards. Prior to this, she received her bachelor's degree in Finance, Real Estate, and Law from California State Polytechnic University-Pomona. She later obtained an MBA from the University of La Verne.

During the meeting Ms. Razzak shared about the fintech industry and provided tips for those looking to start a career in finance. Ms. Razzak talked about the requirements for getting into the fintech industry and the difficulties of the job such as strict regulations. She also discussed the uncertainty that accompanies starting a career, and how despite this, one should take advantage of the opportunities presented to us. A theme in her advice to the students was to not be afraid to diverge from our career plans and to be active in the search for opportunities.

Cal Poly’s Finance Society appreciates Ms. Razzak’s advice and wishes her the best in her career.

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